Gypsy Minimalism with Petya

Delivering fresh doses of steamy photos, Petya captures the power and vulnerability of women with his photography. Using exclusively analog, he has created an alias, Petya, which opened up an outlet for his creative expression. Shooting in a genre Petya calls Gypsy Minimalism, he jumps in and out of pseudo, erotica, street, nude, occult art and realism.  With hazy hues softly contrasting guns, tattoos and naked bodies, Petya casts a youthful energy and the sensation of growing up with the kids who just didn’t fucking care. 

Who are you?

I was born on the last day of the last year of the 90’s in Besarabka, an urban-type settlement in Moldova.  In 2010, I moved to Lviv, Ukraine and that’s where the work began. 

What’s your go to camera?

Olympus MJU2.

When was the moment you realised you wanted to be a photographer?

 The key and heart of my first shoots were parties and friends. Eventually, they started calling me gypsyPetya. I can’t specifically remember any ‘key’ moment, it just happened on its own.

What is your favourite film to shoot with?



It’s cold post-scan hue appeals to me and aesthetic I am aiming for. 

What themes do you seem to always fall back to?

I have been working in between styles of pseudo, street, nudes, occult art and realism; I call it gypsy minimalism. Women and their bodies are something that I always seem to find myself going back to, as well as kitsch. 

Have you always chosen analog over digital?


What are the joys of shooting with film?

We just all need to get that film is better. Deal with it. There is no time for navel-gazing.

Do you believe digital can capture the same essence of a moment like analog?

The two are very different and I don’t think using the same approach with film and digital will reproduce the same feeling. I think different tools and directions are needed for analog and digital.

What sparks inspiration for a shoot?

From time to time I find that question difficult to answer. Inspiration comes with people, music and things I find appealing at the time. My main influences was probably brought from my puberty, my Olympus MJU2 and Uncle Gojo. Gojo was a local craftsman who brought the first Samsung camera to the house. 

What is your approach to a shoot?

Getting to know the models before the shoot really helps them and myself to relax and be more comfortable. 

Do you feel an intimate relationship of trust and respect with the models you shoot?

For sure, if you don’t have some sort of close connection with the model you are shooting, the result is plain and doesn’t catch the eye.

What would you like to explore in the future?

To make more exhibitions and step outside my comfort zone. I’d really like to try new methods and approaches towards shooting.

Featured image and inset by Petya.

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