Bands to get you through a 3 month heatwave a.k.a. Australian Summer

Saving you from scouring the world wide web to find new tunes, we’ve listed the top dogs below for you to enjoy. 

Summer is here folks, and is kicking off with hellish heatwaves, blood suckin’ mosquitoes and sunburn so bad, you’ve called a sickie. Luckily for you, we have dipped our fingers in every pie we could find to curate a tasty list of bands, albums and live sets to get you through this Summer. 

The Growlers – Hung At Heart

Lords of the California dream, The Growlers third album, Hung at Heart, has definitely been a personal favourite over the years and couldn’t be casted aside. The ideal sing-a-long album, the band’s phenomenal lyrics are backed with psychedelic guitar solos underneath a surfy-grunge style. One of their older albums, being released in 2013 under Everloving Records, Hung at Heart reflects on cosy nostalgia and the pursuit for happiness whilst on the road. Encouraging the simple life, the band of surfers produce sounds of sunny days, cold beers and wholesome company. 

SoupBox – Perception 

With jazzy notes all through the tape and songs merging underneath a simple beat, Soupbox has you covered for your Sunday mornings or rainy afternoons. The instrumental artist from Berlin released Perception earlier this year consisting of 25 from-the-heart tracks. Arranging smooth samples to produce loveable tracks from start to finish, he explores his influence of hip hop, which evidently shows in the tape. So do yourself a favour and grab a coffee, the nearest available pooch and start walking. 

Cypress Hill – Black Sunday

I think we could all agree Cypress Hill is a special batch of homemade cookies. Dating back to 1993, Black Sunday is the second studio album released by the American hip hop group and is home to the popular single ‘Insane in the brain’. The album juxtapositions of gang/drug related themes with goofy squeaking sounds and somewhat cartoonish vocals produces a killer attitude and songs that will be stuck in your brain for the next few days. 

Kaytranada – Boiler Room Set

If you’ve been fiending for a groove, Kaytranada has your back, heart and soul with his Boiler Room set in Montreal. A fire starter to any bender, the 40 minute set starts light and easy and rolls through recognisable songs to funky mashups. Whether you just want to bop by in the corner or break a sweat on the dance-floor, Boiler Room and Kaytranada have you secured for the night. Or atleast 40 minutes. 

Tinariwen – Elwan

The band of Tuareg nomads was formed in the late 70s, crossbreeding traditional West African music with American Rock and Blues. Collaborating with Kurt Vile and Mark Lanegan on their latest album, Elwan, Tinariwen has cracked the code to preserving their culture and beliefs as well as adapting to the modern world. Commonly recognised as ‘Desert Blues’, the rebels sing about issues reflecting exiling, repression of their people, political awakening and demands of sovereignty. Favouring simple percussion, lone guitar riffs and rugged folk melodies, Elwan is the soundtrack to the Sahara Desert and most likely the next heatwave Australia endures.  

Khruangbin – Pitchfork Live Set

Straight off the bat, the bluesy psychedelic trio ease into their latest album, Con Todo El Mundo before jumping back to older songs. Effortlessly cool, Khruangbin play a blend of old and new tracks through the Pitchfork set, their instruments ultimately taking the spotlight. A crispy AF drumbeat played in absolute confidence, compliments the countless guitar riffs and smooth bass lines Laura Lee and Mark Speer produce. Perfect for those balmy nights on the porch, either with mates or yourself.

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