Agua Donkeys

From history, MP Cunningham has never failed to entertain and highlight the weird and wonderful mundane lives of underdogs.  So when I heard another short film was in the oven, I couldn’t help but smile for I already knew what was coming. Maybe not literally, but I knew it wasn’t gonna be a bad batch of cookies, that’s for sure.  Directed and edited by MP, Agua Donkeys focuses on two best friends cleaning middle/upper class pools, their passion; getting the perfect tan and Jackie, a work space crush which is forbidden by Agua Donk’s law book.
With the story written by Luke, Jer Jackson and MP, I like to imagine the birth of the film started with the three of them lounging around inside late one night with a few beers and some real mellow tunes behind them, brainstorming small skits and episodes until Agua Donkeys was born.  I could totally be wrong (which is normally the case), but I’d like to think it was fornicated like that in some creative threesome of saucy ideas being smoothed over with some liquor, warmth of a fire and maybe a few card games in between.  What a dream.
Right off the bat, the film exudes a youthful energy with Jer timing MP holding his breath underwater.  It follows Jer’s and MP’s meticulous efforts to get Jackie fired, along side self-reflecting conversations and scenes between the inseparable pair.  Each conversation Jer and MP have seems to have a hidden sense of self reflection and an inside look on how the characters perceive themselves.  Both are optimistically clueless of their reality with Jackie but press each other further from the truth with hypothetical theories and downright shit talk.  Sorry mum, that’s probably the only time I’ve ever said the ‘S’ word, like, just so you know.  The likable two are purely naive and the audience can’t help but forgive their foolishness as they attempt to get Jackie the sack. 
Unlike stereotypical American comedy films, loud and saturated with predictable humour, MP and the team managed to maintain their individual quirkiness and original one-liners that subtly make you smile without even realising.  Their talent in making the mundane surprisingly intriguing and gluing our eyes to the screen constantly perplexes me.  I’m simply watching two dudes sipping on their shakes without questioning how I got here, because i’m already sunken into my chair savoring what’s going on.  Which is simply two dudes sipping on their shakes and a craving for a chocolate milkshake.  Stringing picturesque scenes together with organised disorder and awkwardness, there is a smoothness that rolls through the film cohesively. 
Without spoiling the comedic film, it has been beautifully written and intertwined with lightness that makes you giggle from the start of the stopwatch to when the credits roll.  It gives off a ‘well, such is life’ vibe throughout the film that doesn’t leave you drained or hating the world, it has a softness that is similar to a child’s innocence.  As always, MP leaves us eager for a new batch of goodies. Scroll down and watch it for yourselves and make sure you read up on your CPR manual in case you need to talk someone through it.  

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