Small Town Boredom

If you’ve lived in a small town and never said “there is nothing to do” then you’re a fucking liar and you damn well know it.  We’ve all hit that stage, sitting at home with the fan blasting on level 3 (which still isn’t enough), lying either on the ground or couch and just staring blankly, at nothing, trying to figure out something to do for the day. Or week. 
After moving back home like a dropout loser, I’ve realised you really gotta keep yourself busy or else you’re doomed to shape out as a sheep or a cow having a leisurely feed on the same, standard bullshit. There’s no city to distract you so you gotta make it up as you go.
Growing up in small town is a blessing and a curse, and you’ll quickly discover that imagination is the fucking key to survival. It sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Imagination? It’s for kids right? Wrong. If you’re imagination is out of whack, have fun going to the same coffee shop or to the same hang out with the same people until the day the grim reaper comes. It’ll probably find you pretty quickly cause you always go to the same places, ha. Imagination is a kid’s word but the meaning behind those eleven letters are significantly more than just dragons shooting laser beams. It creates rips and tears in the box that you might’ve caged yourself in. And when your mates get on the band wagon of imagination (yeah, go ahead and laugh fuckers), you can even make small town boredom become a charming utopia.  
Friends are great. Elly is a friend. A good one, willing to battle out the Australian sun with her one-of-a-kind sweatpants and a fresh prince inspired jacket so a few amateur shots could be snapped up and sent to the lab. Shooting on film is exciting but can also be just plain fucking excruciating, especially when your roll is blank and you have no content and awkwardly have to ask your subject to schedule another date which again, you can’t promise it’ll work out. Luckily, this didn’t happen but if it did, I feel like Elly would’ve been a trooper and hopped on that train to sweat out in those pants again, like seriously, how fucking cool are they?!
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