Ford Clitaurus

I know i’m late to the band wagon but Ford Clitaurus is a film that takes you home after a great night out to and keeps you going till the morn’. What does that mean, who knows. Google it, or don’t.

Like a fly on the wall, we are hooked by the hilarious day-to-day episodes Ford Clitaurus offers in rich dialogue and hell-breaking loose dance scenes. Following the character MP and his friends, Taylor and Bryce, the short film is a quirky journey focusing on self expression as an artist in a series of highlights throughout the 3 friends lives. Mirroring their own personalities, the trio walked on a tightrope between reality and fiction, adding pure richness to the film.
Just like mainstream God, MP and his team were able to create all shots needed for the film in just seven days, excluding the 8 days after for editing. The team kept it cool, calm and collected, and that clearly reflected in the film.
The original piece may initially stump you but even within the confusion on how you got here, the awkwardly, loveable characters, the film’s insatiable cinematography and straight-up what the hell is going on will make you forget the clock’s ticking. MP’s eye for detail and catching raw, moving shots will make you scroll around in search for other weird and wonderful clips featuring his good vibes.
Although at first, the film may seem exclusive to a certain audience, i’m sure with a little perseverance, the film will get you cracking a smile.

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