That One Day

The first time going to your local skate park can be pretty intimidating. If not, then confidence is your fucking forte. But like most of us sad sods, it feels like being called out by a teacher after moving schools and having to give a little introduction about yourself and some smart-ass shouts out something. Fuck off Richard. Having a hard time picturing that? Well, I’ll give you a hall pass if you have a geeze at That One Day, a short film created by Crystal Moselle, who blessed us with her compelling doco The WolfPack (if you haven’t seen yet, get outta here and sort your life out – go watch it now).
It’s raw. It’s captivating. It’s hot. The film is gravitational, with its magnetic visual aesthetics, it captures the fierce beauty of female skaters and their individuality. The film challenges social norms and selected-gender behaviour with an engaging tale, following the rad babe, Rachelle, who stumbles to find self-belonging. Kick flipping her way into a gang of fearless girl skaters, Rachelle discovers a new world of female strength and friendship.
Find yourself a crew like Rachelle’s and thrive on each other’s successes. Feed off the support and regurgitate it back, capiche?
Directed by Crystal Moselle                                                    Starring the Skate Kitchen
All credit goes to the respectful artists, I do not own this content.

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